To start Viva Vita’s first real blog I decided to  talk about pre-ordering the PSVita. If you pre-order from stores such as GAME you should receive a little blue box which contains:

  • A £5 discount on one of the following PSVita games (from the Playstation store) : Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings or Escape Plan.
  • Access to Frobisher Says! (before anyone else)
  • Playstation Home items (for your avatar): PSVita T-shirt, sunglasses, headphones, trainers and a bag.
  • An exclusive Vita Avatar
  • and finally: Playstation Earphones

At first this list looks big and juicy but if you are like me and has no interest in Playstation Home then the majority of this pakage would already seem less appealing to you.

The £5 pound discount and earphones would be the biggest thing you would miss out on. The fact that Frobisher Says! is available to everyone later on takes away the pre-order thirst if you have a little patience.

Overall, the pre order pakage is pretty good. From my experience, not many people are interested in Playstation Home when they could be playing a  game so it would’t be unforgivable to a PSVita fanatic if they didn’t pre-oder it.


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