Ah Analog sticks, a gaming necessity to many gamers. The PSP was, in most ways, a successful console but one complaint that was always being voiced out is the fact that the PSP only had one analog stick.

Many complaints said it limited the gaming possibilities, especially with PS1 Ported games that were made with the dual analog controller in mind.

Fortunately for many gamers, Sony heard these pleas and made the PS Vita, a dual analog dream to many gamers. With the dual analog they claim:

  • There is more comfort while gaming.
  •  There is a high sensitivity for action games such as shooters
  • there are more options for control settings (set it with or without the second analog stick)
  • And it simply looks nicer

Surprisingly, this is a major selling point of the PS Vita and is emphasised in adverts and public statements. Although  the touchscreen on the back seems to be turning the most heads.


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