Sony has released a video showing the gameplay of two augmented reality games.  The best part of this is the fact that they are free. Whether it becomes a success or not is unknown, but if they are free there is nothing to lose.

The first game is called Fireworks , as the name suggests it involves fireworks displays that you control, the more impressive; the higher the score.

The second is called Cliff jumper. In this game you use a table (or flat service) to create a dive board and pool with the AR cards and … dive. These simple mini-games are most likely a taster as to what we can expect from PS Vita games in the future.

Table Football will also be alongside these mini- games. Despite the lack of imaginative naming, these free tasters look promising (along with Frobisher Says! if you pre-ordered the PS Vita ) the player will already have a little list of games to play when they pick up their Vita on the 22nd of February.



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