Fighting games. Personally I am not a big fan of them, mainly because most have a weak story or require a particular taste and talent to learn extremely long sequences of button mashing. Blazblue on the other hand is an exception to this.

You may have already seen this 2-D fighter game on the PS3, the Vita version is just an update of the PS3 version. Not much has been added: three new characters (from DLC), new game mode, very long tutorials and control tweaks (obviously to match the PS Vita). However it is still worth picking up. The added RPG element in Abyss Mode further adds depth into the game; with the possibility to level up, upgrade and equip your character to take on the challenge of 999 floors.

Hazama: “The report which you’ve never read, judging from your deer-in-the-headlight expression. Tsk Tsk”

The story of BlazBlue is very strong. Therefore it stands out in the sea of fighting games. In fact it is so big that if you do not pay close attention or not do the story in order, you will have the :”Deer-in-the headlight-expression”. If you do follow the story, you will have a hard time trying to stereotype this fighting game as a short/ unimaginative story line.

Gameplay/ accessibility :
Noel: “We’re collecting information till the sun goes down, right?”

Do not hesitate to get this game if you are worried that you would be left in the dark having not played it on the PS3. The stories are summarized very well and the controls have so many different options to match the style of novices/ casual gamers / advance players and the true fighting addict. The tutorial will also give you tons of different lessons that are, at least,  taught with some personality ( a rude little vampire girl insulting and guiding you at the same time).


Playing online is great, it is rare to get laggy matches and offers the opportunity to show your Ragna is the real deal. However, like most fighting games online, you still get players that repeat the same move non-stop. This is not  Blaz Blue’s fault but it definitely drains away the hype factor when you get beaten by a repeated barrage that seems almost impossible to get out of.


8/10 : This game is a great way to start of the PS Vita. Story, gameplay, graphics and online require deep thought to insult (unless the story led you to the idea that this is jibbarish).  However it is not THAT much of an improvement to Continium Shift 2 on the PS3 so if you played it on the PS3 do not expect a brand new game.


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