Can you think of any game where you can level to 9999?  Have you ever been able to do hundreds of million points worth of damage with attacks that defy all logic? Or have you ever been awarded for bad behaviour at school, while the nerds are punished? The only game that comes to mind is Disgaea and  once again this exaggerated and crazy game will be on the Vita with more craziness than ever before. (Will be released on April 20, 2012)

What is Disgaea 3? (PS3/Vita):

Disgaea 3 takes place in Evil Academy, located in the Underworld. As you may imagine, a school for demons value the badly behaved (known as honour students) while giving the cold shoulder to the goody two-shoes (known as delinquents). The main character, Mao, is an honour student and son of the Overlord (basically the principal, and ruler of that part of the underworld). At first Mao is trying to kill his dad because he … stepped on Mao’s gaming console which has thousands of hours invested in it… of course the story is not that basic and as you go on you will discover unexpected plot twists that, despite sometimes being supposedly serious, is told with a humorous feel to it.


(Opening from the PS3 version/ do not own this video)

What is new on the Vita? :

Nippon Ichi Software have decided to port Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice (on the PS3) instead of the latest Disgaea 4. Fortunately there is a lot of new things coming to the Vita version:

1) All the DLC on the PS3 version will be free on the PS Vita. There are tons of extra characters and new chapters to play through (if you did not want to pay £25 for the            DLC content before).

2) New gameplay options have been added to match the PS Vita touch screen.

3) Dialogue scenes have more emotions and movement.

4) New outrageous attacks and evilties ( to the already massive list of attacks/ evilities/ classes and combinations already available)

5) Two new characters in the story which will have an impact in the main plot, they are : – The uptight Student Body president Stella Grossular

– and the VERY stereotypical cute/ innocent cat girl Rutile


(Do not own this video)

The odd/bad thing:

The strange thing about Disgaea games is that the main story is only for the story …. (read on, im not crazy). The main story is the tip of the iceberg, if I were to guess; it would be 40 percent of the game. Only the perfectionists/ bored/ fanatic or curious gamers will carry on playing after the story finishes, this means that a large of portion of gamers have missed out on 60 percent of the game. In the post game you unlock more stages/ stories/ classes/ items etc. In the main story your attacks defied gravity but in the post game you are jumping into space, grabbing the moon and throwing it at your bewildered foe (literally). This is a good way to reward the dedicated gamer but it makes a huge number of gamers miss out on highlights of the games, therefore making you miss out on feeling god-like and seeing secret parts of the story that are funnier. The question is: will the Vita version change this?


Disgaea games are brave, they ask the gamer to look past the graphics and rewards that gamer with great content and gameplay. Sadly, many modern gamers can no longer look past the graphics and into the soul of a game thus making Disgaea a game easy to overlook. The new features on the Vita would definitely make this game worth getting if you like exaggerated tactical RPGs that makes games like Final Fantasy Tacitcs look boring. Sadly we will still have to wait for it to be released in Europe


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