As a new player to Dynasty Warrior, having never played it on the PS3, I have to say this is a very hectic game where you can even take on a hundred soldiers all by yourself. Being overpowered right from the start may sound dull  but Dynasty Warrior does a good job of keeping it satisfying.

Is it only button mashing? 

I’ve heard several people criticizing Dynasty Warrior for being a button – mashing, mind numbing game on the PS3. The Vita, however, seems to have minimized this issue by adding a huge mix of gyroscope and touchscreen controls to keep you on your toes (which of course is optional)
If you still feel that it is only a button mashing game, try a different game mode or change the settings to Hard and it will change the whole game into a surprisingly tactical battle. The content in Dynasty Warrior Next makes the occasional button-mashing mania well worth it.


Edit mode and Conquest mode:

One of my favorite features in this game is the fact that you can create your own fighter to use in conquest mode ( a mode where you try to conquer the country bit by bit). Edit Mode has a LOT of options as you unlock them.
The variety of clothes are well designed but fighting styles are still easily the highlights. Containing 62 playable characters with unique fighting moves, you will have an easy time creating a unique character; such as a little girl dressed as a pirate with a gigantic hammer or a hulk of a man using little fans.




On the other hand:

Dynasty Warrior Next  can be fun to play; even with the button-mashing, however, one thing that irritated me is the fact that the game is let down by simplicity. The whole idea of bases/ armies of soldiers and overpowered generals with many fighting styles are a great idea however it does not have the amount of depth it could have had. Stratagems, despite their names, are nothing more than little buffs so the whole battle is decided on your general’s  button-mashing.


This problem could have easily been avoided with small features such as a battle plan option before a battle where you can assign the soldiers different roles or split them into groups for distractions/ invasions or intel. To be able to have an effect on the outcome of a battle in more than just one way would have meant the world to this game.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, I enjoyed Dynasty Warrior Next. The word button-mashing should not be seen as a bad thing since it is another form of gaming and some people enjoy that, what truly let down this game is simplicity in battles.Apart from this, Dynasty Warrior is a great way to kill time during a journey. Whether you work towards unlocking equipment and costumes or trying out every single warrior available, Dynasty Warrior will keep you on the battlefield for a long time. Plus mowing down thousands of enemies  by yourself has a certain charm to it.


The simplicity in battlefield tactics is forgivable because of everything else that Dynasty Warrior Next got right.

Score: 7.9 / 10






Developers: Omega Force

Publisher: Koei

Release Date:2/22/12

Genre: Beat ‘Em Up


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