If you are after a puzzle game, you can do a lot worse than Escape Plan. It is a unique looking game that borders on the weird in a cute way. On the other hand, it does have its own flaws to deal with.

PS Vita controls:

One of the great things about Escape Plan is that it uses nearly all the things the Vita has to offer. Throughout your gaming experience you will use: the front screen to pinch/ swipe, the rear touch pad and the motion sensor (moving around the console itself). The only feature Escape Plan does not use is the camera. This makes it a great game to get if you want to see what the Vita can do.


The game itself:

It is a lovable game simply because of its atmosphere. The main characters: Laarg and Lil are like a walking ink bomb (if you die you often pop like a paintball full of ink) with white masks for faces and the whole game is in an artistic black and white setting. These two characters are trying to escape from a mad scientist, their secret weapon? .. Coffeeeee!


Black and white world

Is it Perfect?

Despite the unique feel,Escape Plan has a few flaws. At times the controls are not perfect, making you hold it awkwardly and killing the mood. Another problem is that it has no re playability value nor are you able to play it in long sessions. This is definitely a puzzle game that you pick up for two or three levels then put down, it doesn’t grab the players attention enough to keep them occupied for more than an hour without getting bored. Once you complete it, you will wait a very long time before you feel like playing again.



Escape Plan is a decent game. It uses the Vita well and the puzzles can be engaging, however it does not captivate the player and is only playable in short bursts. The awkward way you have to hold the Vita at times or the fact that the atmosphere is always the same may be to blame for this.
The puzzles are well  designed around the Vita, but the atmosphere never changes and a gamer can get tired of playing it easily. It does not keep a gamer hooked long enough to see the, for lack of a better word,  genius in its design.

Score: 5 / 10


Developers: Fun Bits Interactive and Whole Sale Algorithm 

Publisher: Sony Computer

Release Date: 03/01/12

Genre: Puzzle


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