That’s right, the famous turn-based RPG, Persona 4 has been ported to the PS Vita. Nobody knows when it will arrive to Europe but any RPG lover with a Playstation 2 must have at least heard of this game. It is set for release on June 14th in Japan with a few new features to attract anybody that played it already to once again dive into their TV screen, literally.

Persona 4 story?

Persona 4 starts out with the main character going to a small rural town called Inaba to live there for a year with his uncle . Shortly after his transfer strange murders start to occur and  later on in the story he accidentally falls through a portal that appears on a tv-screen. There he discovers a whole new world which seems to be related to the string of murders that have been occurring in the usually quiet town of Inaba.

In this new world there are strange beings called Shadows,  often hinted to be related to negative emotions of humans, which makes life hard on the main character and his friends. To fight this threat and discover who the murderer is, you gain a power called Persona, which is best described as: an aspect of oneself which you gain through social links (bonds with others) and self-realization that then manifest in this world, the stronger the bonds or emotions the stronger the Persona.

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What is new?

Well, so far we know that there are new characters, new story events, changes in the battle system/ dungeons, new animated scenes and the most unexpected of all – mopeds. There will be more new features, however, until it comes out in Japan we will have to wait to find out.

Persona 4 has mopeds now??


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