IGN wrote an interesting article in regards to the debate on whether or not consoles are being out done by smart phone games. It mentions some interesting facts such as :”Between them, the business units at Sony and Microsoft have lost a whacking $10 billion since 2000.”  Thankfully, its overall message is: “the obvious answer to the question of whether or not consoles are dead, is a resounding ‘what the hell are you talking about?'”

It does mention that consoles are facing a harder time nowadays as sales seems to be dropping and casual gamers are opting for the cheaper smart phone games. The IGN community, however,  seems to still  prefare  games on consoles and most people on the discussion forums take the stance that smartphones are for calls and Facebook, or… ‘mini’ – games. They are basically telling us that if you want a real in-depth  gaming experience play consoles and save your smart phone batteries for what mobiles were created for.

PS Vita or Smartphones for your games?

As a gamer, I have to agree with IGN’s article, and even it’s community. Sure consoles may be facing a harder time economically, but they will always have the support of gamers who’s lives are influenced through gaming. Afterall, gaming is seen as a form of art nowadays (even in the law) that tests your abilities. It even allows your imagination to florish and can teach you new things through their story telling. If such an experience were to disappear to smartphones, which do not have the same emotional value for gaming,  there will be a lot of angry gamers out there.


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