A new game is available for download called Treasures of Montezuma Bliztz and it is free!

As the word Blitz suggests, it is a fast-paced edition with less content and more ‘blitzing’ through the level, although the fact that it was free means that this is to be expected. For those that are not aware, the game gives you a short period of time to throw together lines of three or more of the same coloured tokens to gain points, sounds familiar right?

The free version gives you up to five non-stop rounds, but afterwards you need to wait a bit to replenish your meter to play again. This was obviously done to make gamers that love this type of game to pay an extra 70p for an upgraded version where you do not need to wait in between games. Overall this game was made to be played in short bursts, such as on short journeys or when you only have a few minutes to play. It is a welcomed addition to any PS Vita that needs a little variety. If you are a trophy collector, bad news : there are no trophies in this freebie.

Word of warning :  be precise with the touchscreen, under time pressure most players will rush and being just a tiny bit off  will result in the wrong token being moved and can completely throw you off the game. Then again time-pressure is part of its charm.

The Vita seems to  be experimenting with the smart phone app formula. They give you  free mini-games in which a player has the option of  paying to get extra content and benefits, will this become a common thing with the PS Vita when you download games ?


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