army corps


Army Corps of Hell: “As the fallen King of Hell, take control of an army of 100 loyal goblin soldiers,utilizing their array of classes and abilities to defeat a vicious host of enemies and reclaim your throne!” This description on the back of the game case has basically told us everything about the game, nothing less and nothing more.

What is it like?

Well it is the definition of a arcade style game.  An action and strategy orientated gameplay that has world stages and within these stages themselves there are … more stages in the form of platforms that open up as you defeat all foes.
It feels very limited in variety but an arcade-style  game works well on a portable console with the idea of ‘casual’ gaming. You fight with minions that surround you and protect you with their lives, no matter how much you abuse them but repetition follows soon after.


Boss Fights and Music:

These are the highlights of the game.  The music is a perfect fit with the game play, getting you: ‘in the mood’ to rule hell with heavy/death metal. Even if one dislikes heavy/death metal it is hard to deny that it fits into the game.
 Apart from music, bosses are by far the highlight of the game. Each boss is handled differently  and the challenge in beating or out-smarting it in combat makes the long and tedious journeys through repetitive stages worth it.


Sadly, in the later part of the game, Army Corps of Hell becomes lazy and recycles the bosses by using the same monster but giving it elemental properties such as being covered in fire, or fighting two of the  previous bosses at the same time. Nevertheless, bosses are always something to look forward to, more so then the rewards for synthesizing.

Story Mode and sadly …

Do not buy this game expected an interesting story, this is purely for constant fighting fun, not stories. Very little effort is put into the plot, you are treated to a still picture of a scene and low grumbling conversations that are supposed to be passed off as the demon language (although it usually sounds like the same grumbling).


Each story scene feels very repetitive, with you sitting on a throne gloating and your goblin minions below you next to the body of the monster you had just killed. This repetition carries on into the game play of the second half of the game where you are fighting the same common monsters that are only a little stronger.


Final Thoughts:

Army Corps of Hell is a decent game. It is fun to get into once you understand how to use the magi/ spear men and swordsmen classes properly but the thrills dies  quickly because the recycled element of the game is so obvious to see. With a little more effort Square Enix could have made this one of the best arcade style games on the PS Vita for a long time coming.


I still recommend playing this game simply because of the fact that there aren’t many like it around, but do not expect PS3  quality graphics or a variety of options in Hell.


Score: 5.9 / 10



Developers: Entersphere

Publisher: Square Enix

Release Date: 22/02/12

Genre: Action, Platformer


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