This much awaited fighting game will officially be released on May 1, 2012. With the Vita version offering 150 new missions for the Challenge tower and two new modes using the Vita’s abilities (Test your Balance and Test your Slice) many fighting game lovers will be rushing to buy this bone- crushing fighting game.

The Vita offers a lot to keep Mortal Kombat fresh if you already had played it on the PS3. The previously mentioned Test Your Balance is a mode that uses the Vita’s accelerometer to give you the task of balancing your character to keep him from falling into a pit of spikes. The second: Test your Slice, uses the touchscreen to slice flying body parts and other objects that are being launched at your character.

Mortal Kombat’s jump into the Vita seems successful, it looks amazing. With the addition of new costumes, all the DLC already included and Wifi + Ad-hoc compatibility it is hard to see this as only a port.  


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