Sony have announced that three new apps will be released for the Vita for free.It is not yet known when exactly but the names of the apps are: Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake up Club and are aimed to add to the social element of the Vita.

Paint Park allows the player to make drawings using the touch screen with the option to edit pictures taken with the front and rear camera, the player also has the option to send it to their friends. Treasure Park follows the same theme of sharing with friends but instead of pictures; the player creates puzzles to challenge their friends and includes traps and High scores.

The final app, Wake up Club, is the strangest. Apparently it is an expansion of the alarm clock feature which allows the user to see when their friend’s alarm clock is set (in other words, know what time their friend plans to wake up). Not sure whether they are running out of ideas for apps or if there are really people that want to know when their friends will wake up. It seems like the perfect app for stalkers though.


2 thoughts on “Three for free

    • XD yeah, but then again it isn’t like Iphone which has millions of apps, the Vita only has a handfull and apps don’t come out that often on it. If it was the Iphone I wouldn’t even bother, too lazy lol


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