Resistance Burning Skies has finally arrived to take the honored roll of PS Vita’s first-person shooting game with an online feature  to try bring out the competitive nature in players that, on the PS3 and Xbox 360, had proven popular.




Resistance Burning Skie’s story is from the viewpoint of Tom Reilly, a firefighter from New York, and a good excuse to give him an axe. The story itself has a decent plot, he is in a burning building and his first encounter with a chimera soon becomes a widespread attack across the city.


The humanity’s plight in trying to survive against unknown beings is a typical yet beloved plot, sadly BS fails to leave any sort of emotional impact on gamers. Whether this is due to the emotionless voice actors, the straight-forward environment or the lifeless chimeras depends on the player.




In terms of game play, Resistance BS fairs very well, the use of the dual analog sticks makes it easy to get use to and the application of the touch screen is done in a way that feels natural. For example tapping on an enemy to mark him or guiding yours drones to an enemy and putting up a shield by sliding two fingers. The ability to upgrade your guns and their special abilities also adds enjoyment to a game that otherwise would have been ‘just’ a shooting game.



EE – Enemies and Environment:

The big letdown in the game is the fact that the enemies, although well-designed on paper, in the game feel lifeless and the A.I seems unnatural and a bit stupid. This is augmented by the depressing fact that the environment (which are mainly indoor levels) feel restricted, repetitive and honestly, not very interesting.


This is a massive shame because the gameplay and the unique guns were done very well, for example, a gun that can shoot through solid objects and give you x-ray vision can become an addiction.



The online aspect had my highest hopes. Online shooting games can bring out the best and worst out of competitive players and is downright addictive, to be able to have this experience on the Vita made it a must-buy. At first I enjoyed it, it was done well and without problems but two or three days later and now it takes forever to join a lobby and seems plagued with people with bad connection making it hard to enjoy even with perfect wifi. Definitely disappointing, especially when it raised your hopes up on the first and second day of release.




The game itself is played very well. The guns are perfect and the use of the dual analog stick and touchscreen have no complaints on my part, although it is let down by the environment and enemies.


Lastly, online, at first enjoyable and the way it plays out is fantastic but when it takes forever to join a lobby and is filled with players getting disconnected or lagging makes it really hard to enjoy the Vita’s first online shooter. If you want to buy this game for a PS3-like Modern Warfare experience, you may be a little let down.


You can never immerse yourself in the Resistance world, only a straightforward shooter.




Score: 6.5 / 10


Developer: Nihilistic Software

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: 01/06/12

Genre: First Person Shooter




One thought on “Resistance Burning Skies Review – First FPS success or failure?

  1. Roar, good review. Though you didn’t really talk about the graphics. One other compliant is how EVERY enemy vanishes 5 seconds after they are killed. Is the vita really not capable of displaying piles of chimera bodies.

    And I couldn’t even get the online to work since my vita says it has Nat Type 3. It’s really shitty because the only trophy i need to get a platinum is playing a match online.


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