Laws of nature be damned – in this game you glow and control gravity at a whim. There is even a black hole underneath the city so try not to think of geographical logic here.


Many games use imagination in their story telling but it is rare to see this transfer to the game play itself as Gravity Rush has succeeded in doing.


Gravity Rush is one of those few games that stands out by creating a unique form of game play that sets itself apart from not only other PS Vita games, but also other console games.




Gravity Rush’s story starts off with the main character, Kat, waking up with amnesia (the cliché king of plots) but as the story goes on it starts to feel more original and well-thought out. Her partner, the glowing astral cat, she named Dusty is a being that helps her fly through the city by controlling gravity (once again this sounds very strange).


While helping the citizens of  Hekseville she realizes the public live in fear of gravity-shifters (AKA, her) and invading space-blobs called Navis and is therefore treated as an outcast. This plot is interesting, to say the least, but the ending fails to impress as it is abrupt and leaves several unanswered questions that they are either planning on explaining in  Gravity Rush 2 or did not care enough to finish.






Game play:

Game play is the highlight of Gravity Rush – with the skies as the limit. You spend most of your time in the air – whether you are traveling to a destination, racing in a mini-game or fighting monstrous Navis. This makes game play very interesting, with the addition that you do not fly through the sky like superman but rather like a rag doll being thrown through the air which is pretty cool although a little disorientating and takes a while to get use to.


 The fights with Navis and other gravity shifters are about precision – you aim to kill and if you miss you fall back for another aerial dive, this hawk-like fighting style feels new and against bosses it’s fun and tactical but against normal little Navis it can get tiresome late-game.




Gravity Rush adopts watercolor style graphics. They pull it off well and everything is smooth, this is particularly impressive to see in an open-world style on a portable console. The only bone I have to pick with the environment is that although the graphics are smooth the colors are dreary. The scenery never livens up and it starts to feel like a rather depressing city that does not fit the quirky heroine, Kat, although technically she is not originally from Hekseville.





This is a great game because of its uniqueness. The open-world is pleasant and collecting gems to power up gives us a  reason to explore the city, although the environments dreariness gets tiring.


Sadly this game isn’t too long and with no post-game content (excluding trophy collection) re playability is fairly limited. If you own a PS Vita this is a must-buy, it cannot live up to the hype it received since the release of the Vita but that does not mean it is not one of the best games available so far.







Developer: Project Siren

Publisher: Sony Entertainment

Release Date: 12/06/12

Genre: Action Adventure / Open World




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